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February 2016 Meeting Notes

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Extra Life Guild Meeting

February 6, 2016, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

5th Planet Games, Rocklin, CA


I. Welcome /Introductions

Taylor, Miles, Lenzy, Matt, David, Cheryl-Lynn, Jay, Michelle, Remmy, Stephanie


II. Fundraising Totals/Goals

Preliminary Totals 2015 - $53,389 – Thank YOU!

Game Day -  November 5, 2016 – Mark your calendars

  • $  Goal for 2016

    • Go for more signups. 750 signups Be more aggressive to talk to people.

    • Use apps for Android/iOS to help get signups on tablets

    • $60k first then go to $75k in June for infusinarium

    • 5pg Team Goal is $15k

  • Increase membership/participation

    • Join in and stay connected

    • Always open to new people

    • Reward for attendance/bringing new people

    • Look for active people

    • More of a hangout

    • Raffle Giveaways

  • Consistent meeting schedule – mark your calendars

    • Around the most active participants schedule

    • Weekends

    • Beginning of the month

    • Lunch/Noon Meetings

    • First Saturday of every month @ 2-4

    • Send out event invites in advanced

  • Giveaways – let’s brainstorm!

    • Need to motivate

    • Point System? “Level up system” 20pts per meeting/50pts for participation at event

    • Raffles? Monthly Drawing for each meeting?


III. Committees/Chair – Commitment 2 hours a month

A. Communications Lead – this person will be responsible for communications for all registered Extra Lifers.

  • Monthly newsletter

B. Sponsorship Lead – point of contact for setting up meetings with local/national businesses – All committee members responsible for referrals.

C. Networking Lead – responsible for monthly social events. Each member will be responsible for inviting a guest.

  • Someone to put together social events for the guild. Like the mixer

D. Local Events – All committee members.  Our goal is to partner with existing events and recruit for Extra Life – we need your help.

  • Someone needed to help get the connections for social events

E. Graphics Design Lead – This person will be point of contact for everything design.  We need shirts, flyers, etc ASAP.  What a resume builder!!


IV. 2016 Goals/Partnerships

  • Partnering UCSF Benioff Children’s Hosp. events – more to come.

    • Need volunteers for events, will find more about schedule later

  • Representation at the CMN Advisory Board Meeting – 1 member a month

    • 3rd Friday, @ noon, @ the hospital, check facebook page for schedule

  • CMN national/local partnerships ie: golf tournaments, campaigns, local events

    • April 18th is gold tournament (needs volunteers), Red bull bring gaming couch

    • Trying to incorporate extra-life into these events

  • IGDA partnership – Briana Aea

    • Need volunteers for events, help build her team, and spread word

    • Connections within the game events in our area

  • Monthly guest speakers – Please refer experts in the industry.  We’d love to hear from them. The goal is to expand our mission.  THINK BIG!!!  We need big ideas.

    • Use these resources to help expand our outreach

    • Learn what we could do to increase outreach


Next Meeting – March 2016

  • March 5th, 2PM

    • Probably Gamers Phunk lab

    • Dave n Busters?

    • Bunz?


Event Ideas:

  • Set up a google calendar

  • Look for opportunities that would expand our network wider

    • Invite people to the calendar events

  • Fireworks booth

  • Western Festival 1st weekend in may (April 15th) Application

    • Michelle will help draft up a message to go over (for a free booth)

  • CS:GO Tournament (Valve will help donate giveaways)


Events Coming up

  • TGFS UCDAVIS fundraiser http://staff.ucdavis.edu/tgfs/vendorapplication2016.html

  • Lanfest becoming National and hopefully will use Extra-Life

  • Sac Con (in March)

  • Intergalactic Expo (main charity is make a wish) (Remmy)

  • NorCal Regionals (Fighting Game Tourney in March) (Jay)

  • Sillicon Valley ComiCon in San Jose (March) (Jay)

  • Extra-Life United (In Florida) (Taylor)

  • February 20th at Gamers Phunk (Redbull will be there) (Jay)

  • Feb 27 Colonial Cafe (Redbull will be there) (Jay)

  • April 9th Indie Arcade (Redbull will be there) (Jay)

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