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1/21/2016 RVA Extra Life Guild meeting minutes

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1/21/16 - Today's meeting was on Google Hangouts with three separate times to accommodate all members

First call started at 8 pm. 


ELG leadership in attendance:

Jillian Ryan

Keith Wick

Amy Dickstein


Members in attendance:

















Congrats on raising nearly $50,000 for CHoR this year. National team gave us a shout-out for our increased funds raised this year - 67% growth in funds raised, so great job!


Members who participated last year should have gotten an email regarding a survey today (1/21). Please provide feedback regarding game day! Will be useful in helping shape future events. Please be sure to give us feedback regarding how we've done in 2015--we want the feedback to do a better job for 2016.


This year's events:

Sign up for 2016's event -- you must sign up again for this year's event, which will be held on Nov. 5


Mike will be the point person to contact conventions and Mike will oversee sign-ups, which are going to be located on the forums. Include ideas for festivals, conventions, farmers markets and other events. Amy can still help us with securing table space.


Rigby has thoughts on a Pathfinder-specific team this year. Sept-Oct may see a local Pathfinder Society convention specifically benefiting Extra Life. 



Jill will be a vendor at Wizard World in RVA in Sept. Amy is working on getting us a table there.

Mike is working to confirm attendance at RavenCon. Talking with CHKD to determine if it’s okay that we recruit in their territory.


Monthly meeting feedback:

We'd like input on local spaces that would be willing to host a meeting; please shoot an email to us regarding locations. For locations with a pay requirement (like meals, games that cost money, Dave and Busters), we may host a separate monthly meeting.

Fedex office in Midlothian

Local libraries

Valiant Pug

Urban Farmhouse

Classrooms from Michael's/JoAnns


Sundays seem to be the consensus for most availability from guild members in attendance.


We want to host a team captain meeting at some point. If you have contact for a team captain who isn't connected, please get them in touch with the leadership team.



Thoughts about including a Franklin Tribute this year; Jill will get in touch with some of his friends/family to determine what we can do.


Gerry is looking for guidelines on Twitch streams - will look into getting information from the national team


We ended with an internet cat show-down. Final call ended at 9:40 p.m. 

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