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2015 experience

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I really want to get these forums bumping and get new people involved. I have a lot of friends who did Extra Life this weekend but aren't aware theres forums to communicate/participate with one another.

That all being said let's hear how your experience was this year!!! 

Personally this was my favourite year so far participating. I raised more money than I ever have, the stream had literally no issues (no frame drops, no internet drops), and my chat was a constant chatter of meme's or kappa's. Felt so accomplished going to bed at 10 a.m yesterday.


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Looking back on this past year it makes me proud of how far we have come as a group now and that the guild has grown to be such a big thing for all of us. I was so impressed by everyone's dedication and willingness to help pull off this years event! On top of that I raised even more money then I had last year, the team I led destroyed our total amount to fundraise and on top of that we were able to all be together in one place to do our marathon together.

Our stream was awesome and the fact we had a multitude of people streaming as well was just awesome!

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The game day was a lot of fun, but I am wondering if the event could be scaled back. If you step back and look at it, the gamers that came out mostly kept to themselves so there wasn't much need for them to setup their rigs all in one room to game.

As much as we want to include everyone who is a member of the Extra Life Guild, it seems that most of our guild members are happy just doing their own thing (and really we shouldn't take that away from them if they have an established subscriber base)

Fundraising seemed to be a little more difficult this year. I had less people say they were interested in the cause this year and the people that were interested seemed to miss the whole "fundraising" aspect of what Extra Life is.

I am curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this at the next guild meeting and see how we can improve on things in the future.


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