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Questions regarding Offline Donations


Hello all. Hailing from Canada here.

I've been raising funds for Extra-Life since 2013. Up until this point, I've never had any offline donations. That's where the questions come in.

First question, if I receive any offline donation (cash mostly), when I make the money order out to Extra Life, I'm assuming that I enter in the CAD amount. When I add the offline donation to my page, I have to enter in an amount. Using the conversion for the day, I put in an estimated figure. When Extra Life receives the cheque/money order, will they be able to modify that offline donation addition on my page to correctly reflect the exchange rate for that day?

Secondly, if I wanted to avoid the hassle of sending the money, how do I go about adding that donation on behalf of someone else out of my own bank account? They are looking to receive a receipt of the donation, but they have not provided an email. Would an email ultimately be necessary, and does the billing address matter when I'm donating on behalf of someone else? (TL;DR, I don't know how to do an online donation on behalf of someone else).

Thirdly, is there anyways to electronically wire the funds to Extra Life instead of sending a physical money order/cheque?

Apologies if these questions have been asked before. I've searched the forums, and even though some answers arise, I still have more.

-Stuart o/

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Hey there @Stuartf! I think I am probably one of the better people to help in regards to this. (Just saw the date so I'm not sure if you ever got an answer to your questions.)


In terms of Offline Donations the best thing for you to do is to get in contact with your hospital that you are raising money for. They will be able to help you get your donations counted. Since your hospital you are supporting is the one that eventually receives the money and then sends out the Receipts of Donation they may be able to help you send your cash donations to them, then they will work with Children's Miracle Network Canada in Toronto to have your donation totals counted on your online profile.


This is also the most practical way to send in your donations without having to guesstimate the conversion rate from CDN to USD. Until Donor Drive Supports the CDN $ this is your best way to deal with offline donations from Canada.

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