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Halo 5 - Looking for ExtraLifers for Marathon (Need Squad for Legendary Campaign Tomorrow Night)

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EDIT: I've got a time slot on the official stream for two hours tomorrow night. 11PM-1AM EST. Going to run some Legendary campaign. I still have a spot or two open.


Hey guys,

You guys might recognize me from the promotional video that's been playing on twitch the past couple days. I was lucky enough to be the promotional contest winner last year and i'm thrilled to see my video still getting air time. My ExtraLife marathon plans changed kind of last minute this year.  I'm going to be playing Friday into Saturday so i'm starting a little early. I'll be playing Halo 5 and i'm looking for fellow ExtraLifers for Custom Games/Matchmaking, possibly Campaign. I've applied for official stream time but that is not any guarantee. I just want to get some people together and have some fun. I will of course be playing sporadically over the next couple days getting ready and getting my stream set up. My gamertag is essemir. Feel free to add me for some games whenever, but if you're looking to play this weekend leave a comment and let's see what kind of turnout we can get.


EDIT: For those who play a little more competitive like myself, i'm currently ranked Plat 2 in Team Arena. So if you're similar i'm down for that playlist, otherwise i'm down for Slayer with whoever.


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