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Yet another Extra Life Alert - Extra-Life Alerts

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Hello, my name is Jonathan, AKA agentc0re.  I set out to make a simple, web based alert/display for when someone new donates to you.  I hate installing a program just for that and some sites require twitch app authorization.  On the other hand, what about YouTube Gaming? Well if you know how to add a browser source to your streaming client then this might be the solution for you.


What is Extra-Life Alerts?  Well my web app parses the JSON data from your participant page.  It then takes the most recent person and first displays them, then it waits and checks every 5 seconds for a new donor.  Currently the only feature I have up is, displaying the donor which shows Name:Amount:Message.  It will fade in this information then fade it out.  Currently the text color is white surrounded by a black border.  No CSS is needed. I've already set the BG to transparent and hopefully provided all the options you need to make your custom URL for donation alerts unique and awesome!

Instructions to set it up in OBS are on the website as well.  The setup is probably very similar to any other streaming software.

Current known Issues:

  • If messages are long, they might get cut off.  Not enough testing to figure out how to deal with this problem. This issue is resolved by turning on the marquee effect.
  • It takes a while to load at start because of a wait time i had to add to hide text, long story, and then it waits another 5 seconds to run through the operation.

Future plans (not in any order):

  • Change ability for text alignment
  • Change text size
  • Change fade in/out times
  • Always on screen feature
  • Add custom alert sound
  • change font & border color
  • change wait time to check between new donations
  • Add Google Font API for Effects
  • Add a marquee scrolling effect

A bit about why I did this and why I participate in Extra-Life.  When I was eight, I tore my thumb off.  I was taken to our Primary Children's Hospital by the University of Utah.  We were an extremely poor family and there was no way we could afford the surgery.  But due to donations and such, or at least I believe it worked this way, my surgery was covered for.  Two surgery's later, my thumb was reattached.  To this very day my thumb is very functional.  It's amazing the things you take for granted had you not had a thumb.  Im so very thankful to the doctors who were able to reattach it for me.  It's amazing how far medicine has come in the last 30yrs.

If you fill the need there are links to donate to my donor page or straight to me.  Donations are obviously optional.

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