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October 2015 Meeting Notes

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Extra Life Meeting Notes



  1. Introductions:

 Meeting the wonderful people at CI and discussing what got each of us interested in getting involved with Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network.


  1. Mission Moments:

Meeting Emily Love video package, a child cancer patient at UC Davis Medical Center, she was diagnosed with leukemia and thanks to advancements in medical technology she is now is remission.


Current amount of money raised this year: $15,322


Current amount of new registered members this year: 303


  1. ESA Foundation:

The ESA Foundation is giving 2 hospitals each the chance to earn an extra $30,000 (the hospital with the most overall fundraising, and the hospital with the most fundraising per capita using census data awarded Nov 8th).


  1. Thunderclap:

“The first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together.” If the goal of 500 supporters is hit by Oct 24th, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr post from all the supporters to create a wave of attention. If you can’t think of anything fun to post you can just post the example message of:


“Gamers of all types are uniting on Nov 7th to give back to children’s hospitals. Join me in supporting #EXTRALIFE”


The “boom” will go off at 7pm on Oct 24th.


  1. Guild United Event in Florida:

Bigger than last year, 500 Extra Lifers invited, $200 registration , wonderful opportunity to raise more money for the hospital if you are able to attend.


  1. Nov 7th Game Day Plans:

Gamerz Phunk Lab is doing a 24hr tournament, 150 people $10 entry fee, open to the public, this will be there last year due to the store closing.


Colliers International is also doing an event at their building (won’t be as open to the public as GPL due to security risks). 30-50 people invite only, open LAN, any game welcome, food and drinks provided, possible live band, live podcast.


Most of the other members are planning on doing their own vthing; if you fall into this category make sure you light up your chat about the event to pull in as many sponsors as possible.


Checks are to be made out to CMN, you can add Extra Life in the notation.



  1. Guild Program Overview:

Going over the guild handbook and the 30 second “elevator speech” to give to people when they ask you about Extra Life.


(If you do not have one of these packets and you have a question about it feel free to ask.)



  1. Open Discussion:

Confirming what all is happening at the Wal-Mart event on Oct 24th, we will have the game consoles and tv’s indoors in the rent out business area. Recruitment sign ups will be outside in the pop up tent.


Remi is going to design a logo for our guild.


I am going to look into getting our guild a new shirt distributor and individual information stickers to put on the business cards we hand out.


I am also going to try to get us a booth at next year’s Elk Grove Western Festival in May and the Pumpkin Festival in October.


The gamer bar Coin-Op just opened up on K Street, potential venue for our up coming mixer?





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