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Donation Tracker for Linux Streamers

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Hey all,

Brian Finley has created an amazing donation tracker for Windows and Mac users. Unfortunately, Adobe Air is discontinued on Linux. So I have replicated his work and it's here . Well, replicated is a strong word in that, as of the time I'm posting this, I've only created the outputs I use and I haven't created the donation alert yet as that requires a GUI. And, crucially, I didn't yet create the loop that checks every 30 seconds or so. That'll be the first thing I add - probably tomorrow.

Anyway, feel free to use it and to participate in my git repo! (It'd be neat to have contributions!) Although I didn't do it for total Raised and goal - for anything else you or I add - let's use the same filenames as Brian Finley did in his so that they could be compatible if you have an OBS MP scene collection you use on both Windows/Mac and Linux.


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