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Extra Life NYC & LI Guild - NYCC Round-up and Upcoming Events

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Thank you again to everyone that came out to visit the booth this weekend at New York Comic Con! We had an amazing turnout and at the end of the weekend, with the help of NJ and Hudson Valley, we hit 263 new sign-ups as well as plenty of new, interested supporters. Thank you so much to Mandy, Mario, Priscille, Phillip, Ann-Marie, Matt, Sam, Amaury, and Victoria who all volunteered their free time over the weekend to man the booth! You guys did an amazing job all weekend long! Thank you to both Victoria Maccone and Victoria Mann who helped secure the booth, banner and planned all of the logistics around having our participation at NYCC. If you missed the event, be sure to check out our gallery of photos from the weekend. For future events, I would encourage everyone to take as many pictures as possible and be sure to tweet out to your followers when possible including @ExtraLife4kids.
I think we all learned plenty from our first major event and I hope we all feel a bit more comfortable about promoting Extra Life. We have plenty of large events coming up in the next few weeks and we still need as many volunteers as we can. All of these events are gaming related so I think we can expect a huge amount of interest from many of the attendees. If you do have the ability to donate your time to any of these events, please tell me as soon as possible! I would like to have as much of a presence as we can!
The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess
DateTuesday 10/13
Time6pm (show starts at 8pm)
LocationBarclays Center
Website: http://zelda-symphony.com/
 - Dan Hills
 - Mandy McKenna
 - Mario Navas
Notes: We are all set for Tuesday's event! If you are going as a guest, be sure to stop the table to say hello!
PlayCrafting Fall 2015 Fall Expo:
Date: Thursday 10/22
Time: 5:00pm-8:30pm (show starts at 5:30pm)
Website: http://www.playcrafting.com
Participants: TBD. 2-3 volunteers preferred.
Notes: During the PlayCrafting Spring 2015 Expo we had a great turn out and I expect a similar interest from many of the gamers and developers in attendance. I have received confirmation from the developer of the game Rocket Fist that we may display the game at the event. We have all but confirmed this event, so please tell me if you would like to volunteer.
Defend the North 2015: **NEW**
Date: Saturday 10/24 - Sunday 10/25
Time: TBD
Participants: TBD. 2-3 volunteers preferred for each day in attendance.
Notes: This information came to us late from the NJ guild but I would love it if we could have a presence at this event. Defend the North is a fighting video game tournament (Mortal Kombat, Smash Bros, Street Fighter, etc) so all attendees will be eager gamers that are sure to be interested in Extra Life. I am still awaiting a confirmation that we have a table at the venue but please tell me if you can attend this event.
Halo 5 Release Party:
Date: Monday 10/26 - 10/27
Time: TBD 
Participants: TBD. 
Notes: More information to come! If you would like to attend this event please begin telling me now! 
Remember: If you have any other upcoming event ideas, please send me the information using our Google Form so we can begin securing these events as soon as we can.
Dan Hills
Extra Life NYC & LI Guild Vice President

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