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ELU16 Room Share Thread

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Do you have a hotel room for ELU 2016 and want to save some money? Share your room with your fellow attendees! Welcome to the Room Share Thread!

Sharing Your Room

Sharing your room via the forums is simple! Please copy this template into a new post and fill in following information:

My room is: Available or Full
Check-in Date:
Check-out Date:
Number and Price of Bed Spots: SPOT1, $xx / SPOT2, $xx
Number and Price of Floor Spots: SPOT1, $xx / SPOT2, $xx
Gender Preference: If you want to limit your room to a certain gender.
Contact Method: Forum PM or Email

Make sure to keep your entry up to date. Once a spot is filled, please edit your post to show the spot is taken. Once your room is full, please change the text at the top from Available to Full so that others can quickly see your room is no longer available.

Paying For A Room

How you get paid for sharing your room is up to you, but I do have a few suggestions to make things easier on you.

Figure out what service you want to use to be paid and list it in the notes section. PayPal is always an option, but lately I've been using Square Cash. It's easy, free, and they don't pester you via email as much or at all like PayPal. Square Cash ties into your debt card and deposits any payments into the associated account within 2 to 3 days. Also, Square Cash is wonderful to use at conventions. Want to buy something but left your money or cards back in your room. Your friend can pay for it and you can send them the total via your phone. Google Wallet is another alternative, but I haven't used it personally.

Set a payment deadline. Those who don't pay by the deadline forfeit their spot, allowing you to find a new person who will pay.

I also suggest prorating the price between bed and floor spots. The percentage is up to you, but a 60% total for bed spots and 40% for floor spots is standard. Those in beds pay more for the comfort of a cushy place to rest their heads. So if a room costs $1000 total for the week, 60% or $600 would be split between the two bed people and 40% or $400 would be split between the two floor people.

Thread Rules

Please follow these rules lest the thread fall into madness.

  1. Only post below if you have a room to share. This seems a little backwards, but hear me out. The purpose of this thread is to help connect you to people that have a room to share. Posting that you need a room makes it harder for others to find what you and others looking for. Everyone who offers a room should have a preferred contact method in their posting. Please contact them via that method.
  2. Understand that Extra Life and related entities do not guarantee any agreement or payment made in this thread. This is an agreement between you and your fellow attendees.
  3. No more than four people to a room unless explicitly permitted by your hotel. Four people is relatively standard across the hotel industry due to fire codes and packing people in beyond that limit puts the hotel in violation of the law. If found out, hotels are well within their rights to kick you and your friends out of the room.


Haven't registered for FLU 2016 yet? You should probably do that first. Here's the link: http://www.extra-life.org/united


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My room is: Available
Hotel: Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Check-in Date: 02/22/2016
Check-out Date: 02/26/2016
Number and Price of Bed Spots: SPOT1, $360 ($90/night) (will go down if floor spots are taken, you also decide if we do floor spots)
Number and Price of Floor Spots: Contact for details
Gender Preference: No preference
Contact Method: email tbalbi@gmail.com

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