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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:First Details of Far Cry Primal Revealed

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Far Cry aims to bring players in touch with their prehistoric roots by setting the latest incarnation of the franchise during the Stone Age. Players take on the role of Takkar, a moderately skilled hunter whose tribe is wiped out in the early portion of the game. Alone and hunted by the giant animals and enemy tribes, Takkar must survive at all costs.

This emphasis on survival is a core part of what Ubisoft envisions for Primal. There are no stores, players must craft the tools they need to survive. Beginning weapons will make use of wood and stone, but will become more and more elaborate and effective as Takkar gains access to more resources. Beyond tools, players will have to master the many uses of fire. Weapons can be lit on fire for more damage, while torches can be lit to scare off the beasts that stalk the forest at night. 

Far Cry Primal is a world in which mammoths and saber-tooth tigers stalk the land and the humans who are trying to get by. There is a large, living ecosystem. Players who hunt a mammoth across the plains might find that they aren't the only predators around when they finally manage to bring the beast down. 

As Takkar, players begin the game arriving in the land of Oros as a solitary man. However, as he continues to survive, players will be able to recruit new tribe members to coordinate hunts and secure more power. Ubisoft seems to be pitching the tale of Takkar as a prehistoric rise to power, moving from simply surviving to conquering both nature and the tribes of Oros. 

Far Cry Primal releases February 23, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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