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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Good Old Games Wants You to Design a Character for Divinity: Original Sin 2

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A little over a week ago, Good Old Games backed the Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter at the $10,000 level (there are only 17 hours left until the campaign concludes). As a result, developer Larian Games is allowing them to design an original character with a backstory and motivations that crosses paths with the protagonists. Not wanting to keep this power of creation for themselves, GOG has decided to involve the gaming community in a massive brainstorming session to flesh out their new hero. People can pitch their ideas in the comments section of the announcement or by using #GOGHero. When the time comes for the character to be created, Larian will design three characters that combine a number of the best ideas, all with concept art and backstories. Then the community will be able to vote for their favorite champion to become a fully fleshed out NPC in the final game.

Larian has provided some guidance for those who would like a bit more structure for their ideas:

For a touch of authenticity, Larian is providing official guidelines to work with - just like the ones they use during development. Fun, but optional:

--Each character has 3 major traits: Vanity, aggression, pride, self-confidence, racist towards dwarves/elves/humans/orcs/sourcerers...

--1 Quirk or Eccentricity: A predilection for dogs in leather boots, refuses to face north for religious reasons, in denial about his singing.

--One Fear/Loss/Block/Wound: Something traumatic in their background for which they are compensating in some way, or which drives them to do something normal people don't. His wife was killed in a tragic accident and now he's a kamikaze detective with a death wish. His parents were murdered by a criminal so now he's a vigilante crime-fighter. He's terrified of intimacy so treats women terribly. That kind of thing.

--Race: Human, dwarf, elf, lizard, undead.

--Background: Gender, age, job function, loyalties.

Some of the ideas being kicked around so far are a lizard paladin with a fear of chocolate, a claustrophobic dwarf who tries to pass himself off as a human wizard, and a vain 310-year-old undead with a fear of fire. Got better ideas? Then get submitting!

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