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RVA Monthly Meeting Minutes 9-27-2015

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September Extra Life Guild meeting 9/27/15


Meeting began at Bobby’s house at 2:00 pm with introduction of board and members

ELG board members in attendance:

Jillian R. - President

Mike C. - Vice President

Keith W. - Secretary

Amy D. - CMN rep

Members in attendance:





Mike P.












  1. Updates on fundraising numbers and team members: As of Friday, 9/25 we had $10,330 raised with 199 players. Great job, everyone! We’ve far exceeded our expectations already, and the momentum is still going.

  2. Review of upcoming events in October:

    1. Charity board game nights; two area breweries have been kind enough to host board gamers:

      1. Center of the Universe brewery (http://www.cotubrewing.com/) (Ashland, VA) is in the works on Fridays from 4-9.

      2. Garden Grove Brewery http://www.gardengrovebrewing.com/ (Richmond, VA - in Carytown) Monday nights from 6-10.

    2. Team Chrono Hearts will be hosting a charity auction of donated Guitar Hero guitars featuring art by local artists and tattoo artists at Mott Gallery in Carytown Oct 22 6-10 pm. Details to follow; contact Jill for further information about volunteering to help out.

    3. Only about one month to go until the marathon! Start planning your event day now to make sure you have enough food, games, and caffeine!

  3. Members should take October to ramp up their fundraising publicity efforts. Post weekly to social media to raise awareness about your donation page and the cause. It’s a worthwhile cause--let everyone know about it! Team captains should encourage their teammates to post information.

  4. Guild function - we took the opportunity to reiterate the primary purpose of the guild program: recruitment to participate in the Extra Life fundraiser.

    1. Our guild’s purpose is not to create new events, but to participate in existing ones and connect gamers in RVA with worthwhile philanthropy. Member-created events that are sponsored in the area should be affiliated with an individual or team.

    2. Please notify a board member if you have an interested sponsor or want to host an event. We want to be sure we’re not spamming area partners, and we’ll be happy to get the word out about your event!

    3. Please let us know if you meet other teams who aren’t familiar with our guild; we want them to join up and get connected!

  5. Booth behavior when repping Extra Life at conventions

    1. Cons are a great opportunity to connect with people who aren’t familiar with our cause. Some cons even allow us to be present for free; these spaces don’t come cheap and we want to be sure we’re making it worth their while for taking a chance on us.

    2. Be engaged! Don’t text or talk on your phone at the booth.

    3. Stand up and chat. This goes along with being engaged

    4. Be friendly! No one likes a grump

    5. Share your enthusiasm, but don’t ramble. People will be much more interested if they see how much you love it, but they’ll walk away if you don’t get to the point.

    6. Add a personal touch - let them know which hospital we game for, and maybe give them the contact info of a board member or a member of your team to talk to if they have questions.

  6. National Tabletop Appreciation weekend is coming up October 2-4. This is an opportunity to get the word out about Extra Life to folks who prefer tabletop games. Post pics of yourself playing games that day with hashtag #EXTRALIFEtabletop.

  7. Extra Life United will be hosted in Orlando, FL Feb. 22-24. This competition of gamers across the US will bring folks together over our common purpose: helping heal kids! Lots of networking and games together. Details to follow next week.

  8. Changing teams: contact Amy or Keith if you have questions about how to make this happen.

  9. Next month’s goal prior to the marathon itself is: 400 gamers and $18,000 raised. Keep up the recruitment and be sure get the word out about all the good work we do for the kids!


Meeting concluded at 3:40 pm


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