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Community Guidelines - READ ME FIRST

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Team Extra Life cares about creating and nurturing a community that is dedicated to supporting their Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through gaming. Your stories, best practices and experiences shape (and have have shaped) our vibrant and amazing community. This Community Hub exists as a place to find and share great ideas and learn more about Extra Life. 


While you visit us, let's keep these things in mind!



Guidelines for helping us create an AMAZING community


1. We're here For The Kids

We are here because of the thousands of kids that visit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals each year. The first rule is to know and remember your "why". Here are some great testimonials!


2. Be the example.

As you navigate the internet and represent your Children's Miracle Network Hospital, ask yourself if you are being the best hero you can be "For The Kids". The second rule is to respect others in this community and beyond. We are proud to have you here, keep up the good work. 


3. Stronger together

Since 2008, Extra Life has succeeded because of it's community. As we have grown as an organization our community has given us valuable feedback. The third rule is to share your voice! Your feedback and questions are important. Be sure to let us know how we are doing or to ask for clarification. We want to be the very best...



Three things that won't fly here

1. Save the trolling, harassing and insults for the rest of the internet. This is a safe place.

If you are posting insulting, harassing, threatening, intolerant, or generally offensive and non-constructive content, we will let you know and then remove it. We'll remind of you "why" you're here in the first place ;). 


2. Language! Adult Content? Nope and Nope

This is a family friendly community. Keep things PG/PG-13 when interacting with each other here at the Community Hub! You'll get a reminder to creatively edit any inappropriate content. Be the example For The Kids. 


3. Keep personal information private.

Do not share personally identifying information, your own or that of others. We want to keep our community safe and strong. 



These guidelines will help us be a successful community. In the event that these are not followed we will be sure to take action to protect the community and encourage better decisions. 


If you see something, say something:

"Reporting offensive or inappropriate posts and threads."

Avoid responding to the offensive or incendiary posts. Let us know about it by reporting the post and we will take care of it. Your report will be kept anonymous. 


The thread is dead!

"Thread closure."

When a discussion has reached it's inevitable end it will be locked. It's likely best to start a new topic in these situations. 


Delete it and forget it

"Post and Thread removal."

If a discussion is going awry, we may remove it from the community's view. This would only occur in the most extreme of cases, where content and decorum are being abused. 


Timeouts for bad behavior

"Suspension of Community Privileges & Removal from the Community."

If a community member consistently needs guidance and they are just not "getting it", we will ask them to take a break. In extreme cases where there is no salvaging of the relationship, they may be asked to leave altogether. 



If you have any questions, concerns or feedback just let us know!

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