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Baltimore Comic Con Schedule

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Hey all, Drew here and Baltimore Comic Con is in two weeks and I wanted to get the volunteer schedule planned out. I will be there all weekend but ideally I'd like to have at least one other person at the table. I have two comped artist alley badges, so nobody should have to buy a ticket. Also I've been talking to Chelsea from the DC guild and it sounds like they'll be sending one or two people up to help table as well. I am still currently figuring out the details there, but I do have two more badges reserved for the DC guild as well.

I talked to Kevin and Brandon at the meeting yesterday and it sounds like we've got Saturday and Sunday covered. Aaron Bradley, you mentioned that you could probably do Friday, are you still able to help? Setup starts at 7am but the show doesn't open until 1pm and we definitely don't need that much time to set up. I will probably head over around 10-11am but really if you wanted to show up at like 12 that would probably be fine.

If anyone else is interested in volunteering please let me know, I'm sure everyone who's currently got a full day would appreciate someone to relieve them. The schedule for the event currently is as follows:

Friday 9/25 
11am - 7pm: Drew and (maybe) Aaron

Saturday 9/26
9:30am - 7pm: Drew 
9:30am - 1pm: Brandon 
1pm - 7pm: Kevin

Sunday 9/27
9:30am - 5pm: Drew and Kevin

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