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Guild Meeting #7 Minutes – Sept 10th, 2015

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Attended by Graeme, Kirk, Scott, Jason, and Michelle from the Children's Hospital


  • Currently sitting at 180+ people registered (+70 Graeme sent to be entered by Rick

Recruitment opportunities:

Extra Life Games Day Sept 26th @ 11am at Skullspace

  • This event is hosted by a group of board gamers who signed up for Extra Life without knowing about the Guild
  • Graeme got in touch with group and discussed what each group is trying to accomplish
  • Each group (the guild and the gamers) plan to combine forces for spreading in order to recruit more gamers
  • Graeme and Kirk are planning to attend this event. It is open to the public

Warehouse Project (Retro Gaming Event) Oct. 17th at Mulvey Flea Market

  • Need to get in touch with Nate Cal to get set up
  • Event is similar to the Retro Gaming United event in the spring

Central Canada Comic Con (C4) Oct 30th-Nov1st at RBC Convention Centre

  • We have a free table for the event.
  • Hoping to get power from a sponsor's booth (PnP, Game Knight, etc)
  • We have 10 passes to use for the event
  • Please sign up here to show availability http://doodle.com/poll/6vyehhg36wrtd68h

Extra Life Event

  • We are hosting two events on Saturday Nov 7th and Sunday Nov 8th
  • Nov 7th at the Buhler Research Centre attached to Children's Hospital (same place where the Guild Launch was held)
  • Michelle will look into securing more space in the event that we may need to expand.
  • Nov 7th will be dedicated to "offline" games (board, card, role playing, etc)
  • Pizza will be provided through the hospital
  • Drinks will be provided through a sponsor (Coke)
  • Will look into contacting a furniture rental store to get electronics/furniture for the weekend
  • Nov 8th at Reset Ultra Lounge
  • Nov 8th dedicated to video games
  • Van Phu will be organizing a League of Legends Tournament for Extra-Life
  • Will look into organizing "spectacles" to have at the event (speedruns, mariolympics, tournaments, etc)


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