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Extra Life Guild Meeting Minutes - August 27, 2015

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Extra Life Meeting Minutes- August 27, 2015 at 7PM

Children’s Health Foundation



·         Currently, we have 93 participants registered and just over $4,000 fundraised

·         Trevor Horman brought Casey Kulchycki, Cats on Wheels, to join the meeting

·         Trevor Brimson did an interview with Brandon Owen from MOG Nation

·         Trevor Brimson did an interview with The X 106.9

·         The logo was approved for the London chapter- see Trevor Norman for logo

·         A tour has been booked for the guild at Children’s Hospital. Due to infection control and guidelines, we are only allowed to have 8 people on the tour. At this time, the tour is full! The tour will take place October 6th at 2PM. Details will be sent to those taking the tour in the next couple of weeks.

·         Windsor’s Comic Con gave us approval to host a booth at the event the day before the event. Unfortunately, this gave the guild little time to prepare. We can keep this in mind for next year to get a hold of them sooner.

·         Buttons have been ordered! 1,000, 2.5in buttons will be delivered and ready to hand out at London’s Comic Con.

·         A social media plan has been put in place to have 1 update/ post sent out about Extra Life from the CHF account per week. Please make sure to like and/or share the posts with your groups

·         Fanshawe Comic Con as been postponed until January.

·         Bell Media has been secured as Exclusive Media Partner for Extra Life London!



·         Brittany will check in with CMN to see if changes can be made if someone accidentally picks the wrong Hospital when registering

·         Jacob Van Rooyen is looking into having a game day pod cast

·         London Comic Con- A full schedule will be sent out from Jacob McCourt this week. Thank you to everyone who signed up

·         Jacob Van Rooyen is working with his Mother on a shirt for the giant teddy bear. This bear will be at the booth at London Comic Con for people to take pictures with and share on social media

·         An email will be sent to supporters of the event last year, on Sept. 18th. The email will include a video of William Goddard, Children’s Hospital Ambassador, asking people to again support Extra Life. William Goddard will also be joining the Guild on the Hospital tour for a photo session to use on social media.

·         Lisa DesGroseillers has secured support with Rogers Television, Fan Addicts. They would like to put a team together and have Trevor Brimson join Fan Addicts for a segment about Extra Life. Brittany will touch base with Bell to ensure they are okay with us moving forward with Rogers support.

·         Brittany will touch base with Bell to go over details of the Market space available for a group to use game day. Trevor Horman would like to have his team at the Market if the details can be worked out to their needs.

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