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Event Reminder: First Friday in Lancaster, PA

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Hello All!

Just a reminder that we're planning on attending First Friday in Lancaster, PA today.  The event is on the new event calendar, but the details are as follows:

Where: In front of Commonwealth on Queen in Lancaster, PA (301 N Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603)

When: Friday, September 4th.  Setup from 5:30(ish) to 6pm, Even from 6pm to 8:30.  Teardown until 9pm.

Let me know if you have any questions through the normal channels and I'll get back to you ASAP!


NOTE: The weather for Lancaster for today is projected to be rainy, in which case we will not be attending.  Please keep your eyes open for notifications if you are planning to attend, as I will send out as many as I can.

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The weather looks clear for now, so we're going to proceed as planned.  That said, the weather may still take a turn for the worse, so our current plan is to attend as normal, and if it looks like it's going to rain (or does rain) we will pack it up.  I will update as necessary, but otherwise I'll see you soon!

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