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Hi everyone and welcome to the page for Winnipeg's Extra Life Guild!

We are the Winnipeg Extra Life guild, working hard to increase registration and year over year support for Extra Life across Manitoba. We support Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, which in turn uses the proceeds we raise to help kids from across Manitoba, Eastern Saskatchewan, and Western Ontario get well.

We have members from across the province, with our primary event being hosted in Winnipeg! There is something for every one in every community - so feel free to take a look around and see what's up!

Your Leadership Team:

@hoodedarche0 - Graeme Fortlage - President

@kaptainkirk - Kirk Fierback - Vice President

@Sturbinator - Scott Sturby - Secretary

Feel free to message any of them for information, help, or anything you require assistance with!

Come out and Join us for our Next Monthly Guild Meeting! ---> http://community.extra-life.org/calendar/event/176-extra-life-winnipeg-monthly-guild-meeting/

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