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We still need people to help with this one. 
So Far only @Chi@Kelsey and @PotatoTaco are the only ones I know of working. 

Please go to the calendar link and RSVP.

Please go to the Boston FIG Calendar Link and RSVP to volunteer. 
@Chi will be heading this one up. 

Boston FIG Calendar Link


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OK.. Lets wish @Chi, @Kelsey and @PotatoTaco luck this weekend and a prosperous amounts of registrations.
As @Doc stated in his post, it's crunch time.  Let's make sure we're focused and hungry for recruiting and registrations.
FIG is typically a very productive little con for us, however lets really make this one count. 

Take every opportunity to engage everyone you can. Don't shy away.  Lets go home on Sunday with raspy voices and hundreds of participants. 

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