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Can Facebook hurt my guild?

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Guildies, in case you are unfamiliar with the FB algorithms for group communication, the longer someone goes without interacting with the group page or at least a group member, the LESS LIKELY they are to see group topics in their feed.

In a nutshell here is how it works, the full article is here.

"Affinity is your relationship with users."
"Weight is based on the post type. (based on Edgerank)"
"Time decay  how old is your post?"

"there are actually four specific action-points that are used by EdgeRank each time you post. These aren’t necessarily fool-proof guarantees that your post will hit the News Feeds of your fans, but they’re all good indicators of the likelihood of that. The four specific points are these:

  1. user’s past interactions with the author
  2. user’s past interactions with that post type
  3. reactions from other users for that particular post
  4. amount of complaints or negative feedback on that post"

The above was either copied directly or loosely from the article which was written in 2013, doubtless the algorithms have changed in that time but the article is very easy to read and understand, as such it provides a good starting point.

Here is Facebook's version


These are major reasons we are trying to move to the forums, please get the Tapatalk app for your phone and set it up, then you will get notifications just like FB does, without worrying about missing something important in your feed.

Our monthly meetings are awesome, at an awesome location, but we always seem to have the same people, part of this could be a by-product of summer taking its toll on guilds, and part of it could be the way FB algorithms work.  I would like love to get our core active group up around 20+ 

... by core active I mean monthly attendees at meetings on a regular basis who are actually participating in guild.  You are always welcome to bring +1's to meetings, family is awesome too, many of you know I usually have my family there, I count my family as 1 entity so 20 unique regular entities would be the goal I see for the coming time, baby steps folks.

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If you pay careful attention you can actually see this at work. Odds are you have seen it at work. Have you ever seen a status update or post appear in your feed and then almost instantly vanish? Or a post from a friend or page you liked that shows up for the first time a few days or more after the post date? Congratulations, that's edgerank and the amazing Facebook algorithm.

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This is great information! Facebook angers me so I have been using it less and less. It's really like an interactive calendar and photo storage at this point. 

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After another round of Facebook do or don't, I thought I would revive this.

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