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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Bob Was Hungry (Dinner) Rolls Out Next Week

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Taking cues from Super Meat Boy, Shorebound Studios aims to deliver intense, precise platforming in a friendly package with Bob Was Hungry. The PC title focuses on an alien species called bobs that search the universe for food to sate their ravenous appetites. Instead of being the cataclysm most sci-fi authors would imagine, bobs are hard pressed to find food. They've devoured most of the cheese planets, which are a thing in Bob Was Hungry, and now scour the planets that remain for what scraps they can find.

Players will have to deal with insidious traps and deadly environments in their quest for nourishment. Each level contains a collectible condiment which records the player's time and unlocks a harder version of the level.

While Bob Was Hungry can be enjoyed alone, up to eight players can join in the platforming across a variety of modes. These include: Co-op, shared death co-op, competitive race, and competitive survival race. Co-op modes have players splitting a baked potato, while leaving your partners behind in a race nets you the last ham bone in the universe. With over 150 levels, it looks to be a platformer that can keep even the most skilled players busy for quite some time.

Bob Was Hungry releases for PC (Windows only, sorry Mac users) on August 19.  

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