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Volunteers Needed for Gaming Con and CVX Live

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Howdy all! In two weeks, we'll have booths at the SL Gaming Con and at the YouTube convention in Orem, CVX Live. If you're interested in manning the booth with some other Extra Lifers to try and talk to passerbys about what Extra Life does, and encouraging them to sign up, participate, and fundraise, then check out the Google Doc sign ups below!

The Docs have all the info but I'll reiterate - if there is only one slot you can (and want to) volunteer during and it is taken, please email me and we will rearrange. If there is time you can (and want to) volunteer during that doesn't fit exactly into a shift, please email me and we will accommodate. If you can't make it to either event, that is 100% okay! There will be more opportunities throughout the fall :)


SL Gaming Con: https://docs.google.com/…/12g7WaDUDCZaU9D1qG1zi6qM9j7…/edit…

CVX Live: https://docs.google.com/…/1mtjvbEQ7YxlHhoNWQHpNiGWyU9…/edit…

Thanks again!


EDIT: Apologies - I should also explain that we have complimentary badges, 3 for Gaming Con and 2 for CVX Live. So you will not need to buy tickets to Gaming Con/CVX Live if you wanted to kind of see the hubbub and also donate your time. We would need the exhibitor badges back after your shift so other volunteers could use them.


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