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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Dying Light Devs Reveal Massive Expansion Titled The Following

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While more information is promised to be forthcoming when Gamescom gets underway next week, for now we know that Techland's Dying Light: The Following will be including driveable vehicles and will be standalone, meaning it can be bought separately from the core game. The Following will be free for all Season Pass holders when it releases. The game will be shown at Gamescom, but people will have to wait until shortly after the behind-closed-doors reveal to see it in action for themselves. The only glimpse of the expansion that players are able to have at the moment is in the two screenshots below and the several seconds teasing the expansion from the video Techland released last week commemorating their half-year of content support for Dying Light. Skip to 2:10 if you'd like to see the teaser.

It seems like Techland is treating The Following almost more like a sequel than an expansion. For one thing, Tymon Smektala, the producer of The Following had this to say about the map size and player feedback, “For Dying Light: The Following we’re adding a number of bold game-changers to create one massive expansion. Something big that will give the game a brand-new flavor. The new map alone is the same size as all the previous maps from Dying Light combined, so there is a lot we’re packing in here. We also kept a close eye on player feedback to help tailor what we’ve created here. Hopefully people will see that this new expansion is first and foremost, for the fans.” Not only is the map larger than what was offered in the core Dying Light campaign, but I'm hopeful for a meatier story as well. In my review of the core game, the narrative was one of my primary points of contention. Techland has stated that it sees The Following as a story-driven expansion full of new features. Hopefully it can provide a more interesting narrative direction for the burgeoning franchise while letting its stellar mechanics shine. 



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