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Radio Interview on 106.9 The X

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Hello everyone!

My name's CJ Clark, and I'm a radio broadcasting student at Fanshawe College. I just joined, and part of my reason for joining was to see if there was any chance I could get someone from the London Guild to conduct an interview with me, that would then be broadcast on the radio station I work at (106.9 The X). It's a college radio station operating out of Fanshawe, and we run a segment every Sunday called X Your Calendar. As a lifelong gamer (and a past donator), I'd be honoured if I could arrange a phone or in-person interview for sometime later this week. Sorry for the late notice, I contacted Extra Life using the "contact us" form and got directed here. Also, I plan on raising funds for the November 7 Game Day, and could even highlight that event during the interview to spread awareness!

If there's anyone who'd like to be interviewed, don't hesitate to contact me at my e-mail, or call my cell phone at 705-772-9203 (I just moved to London, haven't had a chance to change it yet).



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Hi CJ,

My name is Jacob - I'm the secretary of the London Guild. I will add this to the agenda for Thursday's monthly guild meeting and we'll discuss path forward on this one.

We'll be in touch early next week! Thank you for reaching out to us via the forums!


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My name is Trevor Brimson and I'm the president of the London Guild.


I'd be happy to chat with you to discuss this with you. I can be reached directly at tbrimson@gmail.com


Look forward to hearing from you.


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