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Rady + Sea World "Park Walk"

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I know we do our own game, but we are still in For The Kids, attending a walk like this, that's already affiliated with our CMN branch would get us exposure to a different audience than we would normally be able to access.  You tend to see a lot of families at events like this, and sometimes can get media coverage.

Let me explain the vision for something like this, moms & dads tend to bring their mid-kids with them to these "walks in the park" the kids are usually very interested to talk to something game driven, and their parents will usually take an interest in it at least long enough to let us tell them who we are, and what we believe. While it may not always be the exact group we are looking for, you never know who you are talking to, or who they will tell. That 11-yr old you tell today may tell friends or siblings, at a point it's about getting in front of as many people as you can, and telling them about Extra Life, or telling them how something they relate to, can benefit kids.

Click HERE for more event Info, the walk is October 4th this year, just as we enter the home stretch before our November 7th day of play, what this means is we don't have to keep the excitement of new recruits up for as long as say, someone who registered in May.  These events have minimal fundraising power since they are already fundraising for "our" hospital, but they do have a lot of eyes, very shortly before we need them most, I think events like this are well worth attending, and we should give it a go, how about it @carlyrickard ?

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