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Hey folks! I was wondering if anyone that plays WoW would be interested in forming an Extra Life guild with me for the purpose of running raids or PVP on twitch/youtube/etc?

I've lots of experience with PVE, but... not so much with PVP.  I've recently found the game to be pretty boring without a guild, so I figured why not make something with other awesome ELers? :D

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, toss me a message on bnet: Gnomedic#1291.  This would be for the Alliance side, someone else can form a Horde guild, but all my toons are Ally :P

This would be casual, maybe one or two nights a week, non-mandatory, and we can pick a server, or just have an unofficial guild.

Faction: Alliance
Server: Zangarmarsh or Darkspear (or TBD!)

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Hey, I'm curious how this venture went.  I just started playing WoW again, and thought it would be cool to have a guild with a common purpose, also.  Did anyone get with you on this?


I'm a Hordie by nature but am leveling an Alliance 'toon with a friend on Anvilmar.

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