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Guild Meeting Notes: June

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Here are the Guild meeting notes for June:

Extra Life Meeting - 6/26/2015

Kate Anderson – New point of contact for CMN

Jubilee Day

  • At least 10 new sign ups (thank you Ben)

  • In the future bring longer extension cords and chairs

  • Can we get a banner & table skirt? -> Katie?

  • Issues: Play & Trade – please don’t send your overbearing aggressive people to stand in front of our table

  • Issues: we need to start our communication earlier in the process

    Thank you Ryan for donating extension cords to the guild.

    Guild Handbook

    • Is available on Facebook

    • Our Goal: to recruit people to Extra Life

    • We are an extension of Extra Life, not a chapter or other separate unit

    • Extra Life branding is not modifiable

    • Guild branding can be modified, please check out the templates provided in the forums.

    • There is a list of suggested items to bring to an event.

    • Have an elevator pitch ready to give to people, check out the suggested ‘official’ version in the handbook

    • Be proactive, don’t wait for people to come up to you

    • Know your demographic, but don’t ignore the fact everyone knows a gamer.

      Upcoming Events.

      • Swatara township

        • Aug 4th

        • “National Night Out” – is there one in your area? If there is let us know, contact Jimmy

        • NATW.ORG

        • Jimmy will research?

        • First Friday in Lancaster

          • Attend as many as possible (from August on)

          • What locations?

          [*]Food Struck (September) York

          [*]Sept 6th, 11am-6pm

          [*]Jimmy will contact

          Brain Storming

          [*]Collectible Card Game Tournaments

          [*]Gamers of Summer/Winter

          [*]World Board Gaming Championship (Lancaster)

          [*]LARPing events (Lancaster) – Crystal says they are everywhere. ALL the time. Jimmy is confused.

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