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Extra Life Guild Meeting Minutes - June 25th, 2015

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Banner is done and free. Looks good and smells good.

Brittany will tweet out a picture to ArtCal saying thank you.


SunFest table would be very expensive for the group to attend. Jacob VR will ask the question again.

We have secured space at Forest City Comic Con

Fanshawe Comic-Con Monday, October 19th

London Comic Con - September 25-27 - Trevor will follow-up

High-fives to Luke and Michael for getting posters out there

CHRW Update from Trevor

* Ad should run mid-September

* Kelly Samuel is the contact

* Trevor will send an e-mail to Kelly Samuel to coordinate the details

* Trevor will bring a script to the next meeting

Social Media and Forums

Twitter Account/Public Facing Facebook Pages are out

Use a hashtag or your local foundation, Funnel activity through local foundation

#extralifeCHF is the hashtag for us

Feedback has been given to Extra Life that the forums are not being used by the community

Guild forums do not have a lot of activity, gaming forums have a little of activity

Numbers Update

New numbers from Trevor for the guild:

Number of Participants London: 56

Toronto: 171

Funds Raised Toronto: $3,100

Funds London: $2,700

2014 Numbers: $38K, 156 participants

Action Items (please be prepared to share an update at the top of the next meeting):

Jacob VR:

Provide an update on the Giant T-Shirt

Provide Button Pricing to Trevor

What was the final decision from SunFest

Angela O:

Follow-up on interactive fun booth ideas for Forest City Comic Con - Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jacob M:

Windsor Comic-Con August 25-26 - to follow-up with organizing committee

Jacob to send e-mail to Brittany with Windsor Contact

Balloonpalooza Follow-up

Gamesday Podcast

Change the meetings back to Big Viking Games


Send Trevor the details for Tim @ Fanshawe

Fanatics show follow-up

Send posters to Western


Send an e-mail to Kelly Samuel from CHRW and formulate ad script (ads will ideally run in September).

Follow-up with London Comic Con in September

Other Trevor:

Guild Logo and Forum Signature in the next week


Chatham Events?

Reached out to Cosplay with a cure... follow-up with Trevor about the event


Follow-up with Bob about a pre-hospital event targeting the weeks before Extra Life

Events at the hospital usually takes place on Thursdays... space is limited because the gaming rooms

Will follow-up with CTV London

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CHRW Radio ---- followed up with

Fanshawe Comic Con contact --- followed up with

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