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Tampa/St.Petersburg Guild - Mid Summer MEGASTREAM!!!

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Hello Guildies!

This is your friendly neighborhood MartB64 inviting you all to come take part in the epic greatness that will be our 12 hour Twitch.tv "Mid Summer MEGASTREAM" on Saturday May 30th 2015 !

Members of the Tampa/St.Petersburg Extra Life Guild will be running a marathon stream on twitch from 12:00 noon to -12:00 midnight eastern!

And YOU are invited!

Come and participate, watch, ask questions, get answers, raise awareness, get donations, registrations, but most of all, have a good time!

I will be hosting as much as possible and including as many streams as my internet can handle.

I hope everyone will be able to join in. I'd love to see our guild make a really positive impact and raise awareness and some money for All Children's Hospital (or whichever Children's Miracle Network Hospital you're supporting).

Let's make May 30th a huge day for both streaming and donations.

Reply here, email me martinbrinkley@hotmail.com , get hold of me on Facebook, or message me on twitch.tv/martb64 if you have any questions, or for more details.

Everyone is welcome, so make sure you tell your friends - and maybe some strangers too!

p.s. I also added it as a Facebook event (which you can share with your friends): https://www.facebook.com/events/991214767578531/

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added Facebook event link

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I will have a TeamSpeak server available for voice comms during the MEGASTREAM!!!

So that way we can all keep in touch and also hopefully co-ordinate some games together.

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