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Guild Meeting #3 Minutes – May 14th, 2015

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Attended by Graeme, Aaron, Scott, Kirk, Jason, and newest member Kevin Rowe.


  • We signed up 39 people at Retro Gamers Unite. We are sitting at a total of 129 registered.
  • Next opportunity at Baselan the weekend of May 15-18th
  • Other recruitment at Teddy Bear picnic on May 31st. Graeme was able to get a tent for us to use for the day. Jason suggested that we bring an outdoor game or two to play.
  • Looking at setting up recruitment opportunities at video game releases. Movie releases/previews will cost $750 for a 4 hour block of time at Cineplex theatres.

    Extra life Event:

    • Game Knight and Galaxy Comics are currently on board as sponsors/vendors at our event.
    • Aaron was looking at locking down a venue just west of Polo Party
    • Soul Sanctuary wanted $3400 for a 24 hour event. Would have to be Friday night to Saturday night (Nov 6-7th).
    • Determined that Soul Sanctuary will be the best place to host the event.

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