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Marcia Morgan

June Guild Meeting Minutes

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[h=1]Extra Life Jacksonville Guild[/h][h=1]Meeting Minutes[/h]

June 11, 2015

  1. Call to order

Marcia Morgan called to order the regular meeting of the Extra Life Jacksonville Guild at 6:15 pm on June 11, 2015 at Southeast Library.

  1. Roll call

Craig Schwenn conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Craig Schwenn, Marcia Morgan, Amanda Marron, Jared Wheeler, Joanna Michalski, Kamryn Guthrie, Jason McGlothin, Chris Neller, Asti Manning, Nichole Hammond, Hannah Morgan, Ethan Shepeus, Keven Smith, Marti Meyers, Kyle Schmisek, Justin Trevino,

  1. Open issues

  1. Need to make a sign for the Sign In sheet and to direct people to appropriate room if using libraries - Craig

  2. Develop Recruitment 101 presentation. Some touch points include: recruitment material, signing up team vs individual, how to find events, and steps to follow if interested in attending an event – Guild Leadership

  3. Create Art Walk meetups – Amanda

  4. Reserve Room at Library for next meeting – Amanda or Craig

  5. Setup a social event for the group for June 27 - Guild Leadership

  1. New business

  1. We need more volunteers to help out at our booths. Without the support of the group, we cannot manage the booth properly. If this happens, we may have to pull out of the event.

  2. Discussed upcoming events. Rapier Con, Ancient City Con and GAAM.

  • Rapier Con: due to limited response from the event organizer and minimal interest from volunteers, we will not be managing a booth at this event.

  • Ancient City Con: We will need multiple volunteers to help out throughout the whole weekend (July 17 – 19)

  • GAAM: We will only have 4 spots available. If you are interested, contact any of the Guild Leadership.

    1. Discussed the idea of having social events for the Guild. Many people were interested in the idea. Saturday evenings work the best for most people. Guild Leadership will work on creating social events to keep the guild engaged with Extra Life.

    2. Reminder that if you haven’t bought tickets for GAAM, you can use the event code GAAMExtraLife and 10% proceeds will be donated to Extra Life.

    3. Current Totals

    • People Recruited: 248

    • Funds Raised: $3,738.00


    Marcia Morgan adjourned the meeting at 7:00 pm.

    Minutes submitted by: Craig Schwenn

    Minutes approved by: Marcia Morgan

Edited by Marcia Morgan

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