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Share your Extra Life experiences.

Local Extra Lifers

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Looking for Extra lifers in your area? This is the place!

Fundraising Ideas

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Share your best fundraising ideas with other Extra Lifers. If you've had success with an event, technique or fund raising style share it here.

Do you have mad Twitch Kung Fu? Know how to get the best from XSplit or OBS without breaking a sweat? Share your knowledge here.

A private area for members of the Extra Life stream team and stream team moderators. If you'd like to join the team, check here​​​​​​​ for available times, requirements, and how to apply.

Writing your own JSON code to pull your participant data or your team's data out for use on your stream or other places? Share your code with the rest of the community! Looking for a code snippet to do something specific? Ask for it here.

Extra Life United

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Extra Life United is a gaming event like no other. Participants compete in a gaming tournament on behalf of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, meet the children they support by being a part of Extra Life and connect with other Extra Lifers from across the globe. The tournament features popular tabletop and video games that everyone enjoys!


Extra Life Q & A

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Ask your question and have it answered by other Extra Lifers. You can vote on which answer is best so other members can see your question and the best answer. This area functions much like a live FAQ that is constantly updated by the Extra life Community.