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Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend


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Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend


Some people think you can only play video games to participate in Extra Life, when in reality, we had almost 15,000 tabletop gamers sign up for Extra Life last year alone. It’s time to give a shout out to tabletop players everywhere for their relentless support of our hospitals and the families they treat. 


We’re excited to announce that on Friday, Sept. 16 we will be kicking off the annual Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend! Think of Tabletop Appreciation Weekend as a warm up for Game Day on Nov. 5. Our largest tabletop supporters will be creating Extra Life teams, playing their favorite games and sharing Extra Life with their fans. Some are even providing tabletop-themed incentives for their donors and team members to unlock as they fundraise! 


Check out the Extra Life Community Calendar for a list of Tabletop Appreciation Weekend Streams you can tune into!


Rally fellow tabletop gamers for a weekend of fun!

Share pictures from your play on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #EXTRALIFEtabletop with your posts. Don't forget to download the official Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Badge and share it among your friends, family and community members!


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