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Boston Guild Meeting


Boston Guild

Event details

6 PM Tour and Book Recordings

7 PM Meeting Start


300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115


Accessible via the Longwood Station, Green Line (E Line).


Our monthly guild meeting will be at none other than the Boston Children's Hospital itself this month. 

Once a year, @KerryDemone hosts us there for a tour of the hospital and our meeting. This years tour should prove a good one.  There have been so many changes at the hospital, those who went last year may not recognize it this year. 

There will probably not be an ability to skype in with the SNH location given the location of our meeting, so our SNH brethren, are encouraged to join us at the Hospital.  The Schedule for the meeting is below, and the agenda will follow as we get closer. 

If you can't make the 6 PM time frame, please come for the 7 PM meeting start. 

6:00 – 7:00pm: Book recording and tour (half of the group will record in the studio and the other half will tour some of our other new spaces like our Center for Families and then we’ll switch)

7:00 – 8:00pm: Regular meeting in our new cafeteria

Recommended Comments

Tour and book reading* will be from 6-7pm and official meeting will be from 7-8pm all at Boston Children's Hospital (300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA). Hope to see you there. PLEASE RSVP TO THIS MEETING SO WE CAN COORDINATE THE BOOK READING SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE. 



·         Seacrest Studios is reserved from 6-7pm.

·         In a one-hour block there is time for four book readings.

·         2-3 people can team up and read one book together – think different characters and voices, etc. Have fun with it!

·         Each recording is about 10 minutes total.

·         We can stop and re-record if anyone laughs or makes a mistake. ;)


Book Selections

·         Individuals/groups are welcome to select their own, favorite kids’ book.

·         Picture books (vs. chapter books) are best.  

·         Child Life has a selection of picture books so if you’re looking for a copy of the book to read from or if you need a suggestion we can advise – let me know ASAP so we can coordinate

·         The more comfortable the reader is with the book before the actual reading the better –  the reading will go A LOT more smoothly and it gives the reader time to rehearse some fun voices!  

·         If anyone speaks a different language they are welcome to read a kids book in that language.

·         Let us know what books you’re selecting – its’ often helpful for Child Life to have advanced notice


Filming & What to Wear

·         You will be filmed in front of a green screen so solid colors (no logos) and no green (even a small green alligator eblem)

·         We’ll supply water for the readers


The recordings will be aired at a later date on the tvs in the patient rooms.


So here’s a basic breakout of the timeslots so folks can select their book and a team/group beforehand. It can be one, two or three people…however it works best with the four 10-minute timeslots given.


Time Block

Book Selection

Reader #1

Reader #2

Reader #3

6:10 - 6:20





6:20 - 6:30





6:30 - 6:40





6:40 - 6:50






Woohoo! Can’t wait to see this all in action. One of the ideas that Child Life threw out was Where the Wild Things Are – a classic! Just thought I’d share if anyone is looking for an idea.



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I'd be happy to read a book! I'll probably bring a Dr. Seuss book (Maybe "Green Eggs and Ham"?). Not sure which one yet. If anyone wants to join in with a suggestion, or wants to play a character, let me know!

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Here are directions both driving and public transportation to the Boston Children's (300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115)

Park in our patient parking garage which is directly across the street from the hospital's main entrance on the corner of Longwood Ave and Blackfan St. I can reimburse your parking - but for this garage only since this is our hospital's garage. 

We'll meet in the main lobby at 6pm. See you tonight!

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. I'm not going to finish up at work early enough. Hope everyone has fun!

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