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12-Hour Marathon @ Kramden


Event details

Our next mini marathon at the Kramden Institute has been confirmed for Saturday, 7/23!!


Come hang out with your fellow RDU Extra Life members and play some games for 12 hours!  Bring your own consoles and PCs and let's have a great time!


If you'd like to get food as a group, please bring some CASH!  No food or drink will be provided, so bring your own stuff or be ready to chip in.


Hope to see you all there!!

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Alright, the time has come for us all to gather together to play some games for charity (for a brief while, of course)!


So, what say you?! What games will be brought to this goblet of fire?!

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One of my soccer teammates and his GF are coming to the event as well.  So +2 for me!


I'm planning on bringing a case of water for everyone. 

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Alright, everybody! Tomorrow is the semi-big day! A few quick things before then:

1. Doors will be opening between 8:45 - 9:00am!
2. If you are planning on eating any lunch, please bring some cash. (small bills preferred)
3. Wired networking will be provided, but streaming will still be determined after investigating
4. Please remember this isn't your home. I hate to say it, but I feel its still necessary to remind people to where clean clothes and make sure to use good hygiene practices.

Other than that, let's have a great day tomorrow and remember, its #ForTheKids!


Edit: Thanks, Seth for reminding me!

5. Please download all your games and patches now!

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