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Walker Stalker Con 7/30-31


Boston Guild

Event details

Walker Stalker Boston



   We have a limited number of badges for this con, so in order to manage this one, we're switching it up a little. 

We're only going to do a 3 person all day shift for the table each day. 

This will still allow for anyone there to take turns exploring the con floor, I promise. 


SAT (9 AM - 6 PM) @aradiadarling, David (Too Cool for a Community Proifile) DiMare-Messier, @DMo2TheMax

SUN (9 AM - 6 PM) @aradiadarling, David (Once Again too cool for a community profile) DiMare-Messier, @Merissa


Floorplan and vendor booth assignments attached. 



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Guest Angela forgot to log in


David and I set aside the whole weekend, so schedule us on whichever day you need us. ?

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