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Collective Con 2016


Jacksonville Guild

Event details

Collective Con 2016

Jacksonville Fairgrounds

510 Fairgrounds Plaza, Jacksonville, FL 32202



Friday April 1st, 2016 - 12 pm to 5pm

Saturday April 2nd, 2016 - 10 am to 6pm

Sunday April 3rd, 2016 - 11 am to 6 pm


Volunteers - 4 volunteer passes available for each day. Please post below which days you can volunteer.

  • Friday
    1. Cameron
    2. Mandie
    3. ?
    4. ?
  • Saturday
    1. AnnaMarie
    2. Cameron
    3. Kyle
    4. ?
  • Sunday
    1. Cameron
    2. Kyle
    3. ?
    4. ?



Additional Info

  • We can also get out of our spaces and walk around the convention with our phones/tablets using the new recruitment app or with offline registration forms. Don't feel like you have to be at the table for the entirety of the convention. As long as someone is still there to represent, we can take in the convention footprint at our leisure.



  • Collective Con will provide us with one 6' table and two chairs.
  • We need additional chairs.
  • Flyers with detailed information need to be printed out.
  • We need swag for our tables.
  • Games


Let me know if I missed anything or you have any questions post post post!!!!!!!!

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