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12-Hour Mini-Marathon


Event details

Time to kick things off for 2016 with a little bit of fun!  Once again, we'll be partnering with the amazing people at The Kramden Institute and holding a 12-hour Mini-Marathon.  This will give us a chance to relax, play some games and get ready for all of our April recruitment events!


Date: 3/26/16

Time: 9:00AM set-up with 12-hours starting at 10:00AM

Location: The Kramden Institute -  4915 Prospectus Dr, Durham, NC 27713


Bring your console, PC or table-top games for a fun day of gaming!    Please note that no food will be provided free of charge.  Usually we all chip in for pizza or jimmy johns, so either bring a few bucks or be prepared to feed yourself.  Chairs are available, but if you want to bring something a little more comfortable, feel free!  


The Kramden Institute will be providing ethernet cables and switches for us to use.  Please make sure you bring enough power strips/extension cords for yourself though.  In addition, please make sure we we're following all hygiene policies and that you're freshly showered and smelling lovely before the day starts! 


Hope to see a bunch of you there!   Bring a friend!! 


Game on, For The Kids!


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