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Tomodachi Open House


Event details

Created and hosted by the Tomodachi Anime Club


"It's time for an annual open house, but since we couldn't have the Icebreaker this year we thought we'd give a little bit extra to you guys! A really small taste of the Icebreaker

We have rented two rooms at the River Osborne Community Centre, in the Gymnasium will be merchandise and Video games(With at least one tournament to be decided)! No beverages will be allowed in the gym.

In the Multipurpose room we will have board games and anime!

We will also be having a bake sale with proceeds going to club!

If you are interested in renting a table to sell your stuff, the cost will be $20 but tables are limited. You can sell your artwork, geeky merchandise or take part as a rummage sale by selling off your unwanted geeky stuff you've accumulated over the years(No food items please)! Please keep all items PG rated though, this is a family friendly event.

There is NO admission to attend this event, it is totally free to attend! Only if you want to buy stuff or take part in paid events will it cost!

We will announce more things as they are finalized, so keep posted!"


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