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PAX East


Boston Guild

Event details


   PAX East is quickly moving upon us. 

This event will be the placeholder for volunteer shifts. (updated as needed/subject to change)

You may RSVP and post your preferred shift below. 

As of right now will have 6 Badges to rotate through volunteers.  (3 for on shift volunteers/3 for off shift volunteers)


What does that mean? 

1) Everyone must be early for their shifts. (Enough time for a leader to come and get your badges to you.)

2) For the day that you are scheduled, the other half of the day, you may use the badge to enjoy the con. (But must be back in time for your shift)

3) Everyone must turn in their badge at the end of the day to @stodd.ELBoston

More details coming as we have them. 



DAY       TIME               NAME                            ROLE
FRI        9-2                 @quitecrazy                VOLUNTEER

FRI        9-2                 @kavinsky                  VOLUNTEER

FRI        9-2                 @PotatoTaco               LEADER

FRI        1-6                 @alleenc                     VOLUNTEER

FRI        1-6                 @Merissa                    VOLUNTEER

FRI        1-6                 @The Guat                  LEADER

SAT       9-2                 @ellystar                     VOLUNTEER

SAT       9-2                 @SassyJ                     VOLUNTEER

SAT       9-2                 @KriptiKFate                 LEADER

SAT       1-6                 @aradiadarling             VOLUNTEER

SAT       1-6                 David DiMare                VOLUNTEER

SAT       1-6                 @The Guat                  LEADER

SUN       9-2                @Oporotheca                VOLUNTEER

SUN       9-2                @Serolis                       VOLUNTEER

SUN       9-2                @PotatoTaco                LEADER

SUN       1-6                @Stevie1081                VOLUNTEER

SUN       1-6               @3dge                          VOLUNTEER

SUN       1-6                @PotatoTaco                LEADER

Recommended Comments

Greg and I are available Saturday and sunday. 

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Sorry, wasn't logged in for the above comment. Greg and I can do any time Saturday and sunday. 

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I can do all day friday. I will also be available to work anytime on sunday. Saturday is the only day I can't work. Going to main floor with my brother. I will be around tho :-) 

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I may have some time on saturday I can help out, I'll already be at PAX working a booth two of the three days so my pass is already covered.

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Guest Angela


I can do Friday 9-2, David most likely can too, he just needs to verify with work. We'll have the baby though, if that's ok. She's a great table mascot! Lol

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