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Extra Life Winnipeg Guild Meeting


Event details

A meeting to discuss current recruitment opportunities and events that we can participate in to promote Extra Life in the city.

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Meeting Minutes:


Attended by Graeme @hoodedarche0, Kirk @kaptainkirk, Kevin @WarLordSith, Scott @Sturbinator, Kyren, Cole, as well as Gary and Shay from the Manitoba Children's Hospital

We took time to discuss with Gary and Shay where our focus is this year as a guild. We touched up on a number of ideas and events that we have been confirmed to take part in.

  • We have received confirmation that we will be hosting a panel and have a booth at Ai-Kon 2016
  • Graeme will be on 102.3 KISS and 92.1 CITI fm to promote Extra Life later in March
  • We have offered to team up with the Retro Gamers United team to organize RGU 2016 with all proceeds going to CHFM
  • We are also going to work with C4 to have a portion of the proceeds go towards CHFM.
  • Across the Board and Shwarma Khan would like to attempt a North American World Record of having the most players simultaneously playing a single game of Settlers of Catan
  • Winnipeg's Costume Alliance would like to work with the Children's Hospital this year
  • Gary asked for a list of the events that the Extra Life Guild will be going to and they will promote our presence on their social media outlets.

ELU Connections

  • We're going to directly compete and collaborate with the Saskatchewan Guild throughout the year either through online or local events.
  • The Saskatchewan Guild president has connections with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and will be organizing our very own "Banjo Bowl" with CFL players.
  • We have a contact at Microsoft who is willing to send out equipment for us to use for our own Game Days

Other developments

  • This year we will stick to handing out Extra Life Buttons and Extra Life D6 to people at events that we attend instead of pamphlets/brochures.
  • Graeme and Shawn @Pyro199 will attempt three 24 hour gaming marathons in 2016 to generate more fundraising
  • Graeme met up with a Facebook friend after finding out that their daughter has started cancer treatment. He donated his old, unused DS to her and also discovered that there are some gaming devices in the Children's hospital that are in need or repair. Graeme will reach out to the Sony and Microsoft representatives that he was put in touch with at ELU to see if there is something they can do.
  • Extra Life's mobile sign up ap is now live. We are able to have people sign up using our smart device and once it is connected to the internet it will automatically upload the registrar's information to Extra Life and send them a confirmation email. This allows us to sign up people for Extra Life ANYWHERE
  • We want to find out a way to give local themed tier rewards for people who raise money for the CHFM through Extra Life.
  • Extra Life premiered the #DominicStrong Campaign video which is a story about the Rooney Family and their involvement with the Children's Hospital and Extra Life. 

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