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Event details

Ok Folks,  We have a presence at Arisia. 

We will only be operating at the Fan tables Saturday and Sunday. (10-6)

Just like last year, we get the table/space for free but any one volunteering has to purchase a Arisia registration

(Prices Listed Below and Link Below).


We'd like to do 2 shifts per day, but know that we're asking a lot for people to pay to work a con. 

(The great thing about this con is that we're super casual at this con, so you won't be trapped at a table)


Sat 10-2 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader)

Sat  2-6 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader)

Sun 10-2 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader)

Sun  2-6 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader)


Arisia Website

Weekend Rates

Price Membership Type
$45.00 through 9/30
$55.00 10/1 through 12/31
$65.00 At-door only

We will be switching to a new registration system in January, so we will not be selling memberships online after 12/31. Memberships will be available for purchase at the convention.

The above rates are for Adult memberships and Fast Track memberships (for children between 6 and 12 years).

One-Day Membership Rates - ONLY at the door

Price Membership Type
$20.00 Friday only
$45.00 Saturday only
$30.00 Sunday only
$10.00 Monday only




Recommended Comments

I may be able to do Saturday 2-6. I have to see if I can be taken off a panel first (no big deal there). I already have a badge because I'm a panelist, so I'm all set there.

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Kerry and I would love to Work on Sunday but we don't have badges. Will we be able to get them at the door on Sunday or will they be sold out?

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