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End of Year Celebration and Meeting


Baltimore Guild

Event details

To celebrate the continued success of the Extra Life Baltimore Guild and the incredible efforts of our local Extra Lifers in supporting Johns Hopkins Children's Center, we will be having a special celebration and meeting!  This meeting is no longer being held at the hospital, and will include an escape room! :)  Due to expenses and limited available space, there is only one remaining spot for this event.  Please be sure to let us know in our Discord channel or in the comments below if you intend come.  It is critical that you only RSVP if you are 100% confirmed able to attend, as the hospital is paying a per-person rate for our escape room.  If you RSVP, you will be provided with details about the escape room.  The entire experience, including the meeting and the escape room, is expected to run between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM EST.



We're working on getting food provided to the team at no charge, which means we need RSVPs!  ALL Extra Lifers in the area are welcome to attend, but please remember that we need an accurate head count in order to get the right amount of food for everyone, so please RSVP on this Calendar event, even if you've told someone in the Guild you're going!


We may also arrange a social event directly afterwards, possibly at Games 'n' Stuff in Glen Burnie, where we'll play some random board games and hang out as a group.  Details on this will be updated to this page closer to the event date.

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