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New Member Induction Ceremony and Guild Meeting


Baltimore Guild

Event details

THIS EVENT IS FROM 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST.  If you are not currently logged into a Community forums account, or if your account is registered in a time zone other than Eastern, the time of the event may appear to be different.


We're wearing rose-colored shades because we're so excited about our amazing new guild members.  If you missed the 2018 Kickoff Meeting, it's not too late to join in!  You missed the free lunch and meeting our amazing Miracle Kid Bridget (which is pretty sad), but we'll get you up to speed.  For this meeting, we'd really like everyone to attend in person at the hospital, but if you can't make it physically, you can join us on Discord.



12:00-12:15          Mingle/Get in & get settled

12:15-12:45          Induction & Awards Ceremony

12:45-1:00            2018 Goals and Strategy

1:00-1:30              Convention Planning (if confirmed, we'll be planning for AwesomeCon)

1:30-2:00              Bears vs. Babies & Munchkin


Whether it's your first time or your ninth time, we welcome you to come hang out with us!  DC area Extra Lifers are also welcome to attend since we'll be continuing to represent Extra Life in the entire Baltimore/DC Metro Area.



Parking is free!  Park in the Orleans Street garage directly across from the main Children's Center building.  You will be required to take a ticket.  Please bring this ticket in to the meeting with you, and you will be provided with a validation sticker so you don't have to pay anything!  When you leave, use the cash lane with the attendant and provide your validated parking ticket.  



If you park in the Orleans Street garage, go to the fourth floor skybridge from the elevators nearest the colorful Children's Center building.  As you cross the skybridge, there will be a security/information desk to your right.  Please check in at this desk and inform them that you are there to attend the Extra Life meeting.  They will provide you with a visitor's wristband, and direct you to the room we will be in.  PLEASE NOTE:  IT IS VERY LIKELY WE WILL BE IN A DIFFERENT ROOM THIS TIME, SO BE SURE TO CHECK IN FIRST!

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We missed you guys at the last meeting, but we hope you'll come out for this one!  If you can't make it in person, we'll be using Discord for interactive audio or possibly also video conferencing.  If we don't go that route, we'll be using an unlisted Youtube Live link that we'll PM you in Discord if you show up.  We hope you can make it out in person, but it's ok if you can't!


@JediNickD @PHANTOMxALPHA @Yancy_Street @djotaku @Rachel @[WLVRNS]Fumbles @SpacePsych @Taco_Girl @Aaron

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