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2018 Guild Kickoff


Baltimore Guild

Event details

THIS EVENT IS FROM 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST.  If you are not currently logged into a Community forums account, or if your account is registered in a time zone other than Eastern, the time of the event may appear to be different.


The Guild Kickoff meeting is a great place to meet other Extra Lifers - both those who volunteer with the Extra Life Baltimore Guild and those who support our local hospital, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center!  Washington, D.C. area Extra Lifers are also encouraged to attend as there is not currently an active D.C. Guild, but we are helping Children's National to cover D.C. area events!


Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Extra Lifers and Extra Life Baltimore Guild volunteers, we raised over $120,000 for Johns Hopkins Children's Center and helped Children's National grow their fundraising  year-over-year!  We'd love to celebrate this success with you, hang out, hear your stories, and tell you more about why we work so hard at conventions in the area throughout the year.


Lunch will be provided, and you'll have an opportunity to meet some of the Miracle Kids that have been impacted by the fundraising our Extra Lifers have done!  Family friendly board games will be provided, and you're welcome to bring your own games to play!



12:00-12:15          Meet & Greet

12:15-12:30          Presentation from Extra Life Baltimore Guild Leadership

12:30-12:45          Miracle Kids - Stories and Thank You

12:45-1:00            Questions and Answers, Guild Member/Extra Lifer Stories

1:00-2:00              Lunch & Games


Whether it's your first time or your ninth time, we welcome you to come hang out with us for this special event!



Parking is free!  Park in the Orleans Street garage directly across from the main Children's Center building.  You will be required to take a ticket.  Please bring this ticket in to the meeting with you, and you will be provided with a validation sticker so you don't have to pay anything!  When you leave, use the cash lane with the attendant and provide your validated parking ticket.  



If you park in the Orleans Street garage, go to the fourth floor skybridge from the elevators nearest the colorful Children's Center building.  As you cross the skybridge, there will be a security/information desk to your right.  Please check in at this desk and inform them that you are there to attend the Extra Life meeting.  They will provide you with a visitor's wristband, and direct you to the room we will be in.

Recommended Comments

Hey Everyone,


I am John of Skyline Technologies and colleague of Nick Caleo. I would be happy to attend this event!





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@JediNickD @[WLVRNS]Fumbles @jbooth117 @Emokidcries @Shojin @Goonygoon84 @Taco_Girl @LittleSith @Yancy_Street @Ceraph1216 @NodnarbDude @djotaku @PHANTOMxALPHA


IMPORTANT:  It was just brought to my attention that the time of this event is displayed in the wrong time zone if you were not logged into the forums in an Eastern Standard time zone.  To clarify for everyone:  This event is from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST.


I hope everyone is able to make it!

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Hey everyone!  Anderson's Dad here.  Unfortunately Anderson wasn't invited to represent Hopkins as a miracle child this year but please know that we support you all 100% and Anderson wants to get more involved with the group.  If you'd like him to be at an event to help raise money or want to work with a 12 yr. old on expanding his gaming world please let us know!  Peace to you all!  The Jones Family. 


If you are on Facebook look up Anderson's Journey and like it to see what he's up to! 

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@Andersonsjourney  You're welcome to come anyway as people who want free food and some face time with us!  We really appreciate everything you guys do!  We'd love it if Anderson wanted to join us for some PC gaming also next Friday (online/on Discord), if that's the sort of thing he's into.  I'm not sure if we'll be doing console gaming that night or not, but it's possible that may happen as well :)

@Lt_fergie I assure you, we're equally, if not more excited, that you're coming!  Looking forward to seeing you!

I can't control my excitement right now guys :) 



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Thank you Sarah but we don't want to step on anyone's toes....or get in trouble by being there. :)  I will definitely let Anderson know about next Friday...He would be so excited to get in on that!  


Just let everyone know we love you guys!!!

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