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Warframe 72 hour stream event


Event details


72 hours. One charity. A whole weekend of Warframe goodness!

We are so proud to announce that our Warframe Fan Channels are hosting a 72 Charity livestream. Have a favourite caster? You will probably see them in this weekend’s line up as they work together to raise money for Extra Life!

Over 30 streamers will each be taking a 2 hour slot to host their stream on twitch.tv/warframefanchannels. More details are available here:

Also, a few familiar faces will be making an appearance from the Warframe Community team!

  • [DE]Rebecca will be joining the kick off at 3 p.m. ET on February 17th, right after the Devstream
  • On Saturday at 10 p.m. ET, don’t miss [DE]Drew’s appearance on the PS4 Community Livestream with WarframeMadness and RobertGK2017!
  • And, last but not least, [DE]Megan will be taking part in the Xbox One World Record attempt on Sunday at 10 a.m. ET with SlapstickLogic, BigJimID, and OLGzulu!

Be sure to tune in and support our Fan Channels any time between 3 p.m. ET on Friday, February 17th to 3 p.m. ET on Monday, February 20th over at twitch.tv/warframefanchannels.

Learn more about Extra Life here.






72 Hour livestream!

On the 17th of February 2017, from 15:00 EST onwards, we will be doing a 72 hour livestream for Extra Life on www.twitch.tv/warframefanchannels. During this Livestream we will play on all the platforms, do amazing community gameplay with the Developers, have a live podcast, do a stunning of 3 World Record Runs and a lot more! 


72 Hour schedule!

Friday the 17th

15:00 EST - Opening/Devstream Discussion - InglriousB/AGayGuyPlays

16:00 EST - PC Survival & Defense - AeonKnight86

18:00 EST - PC John Prodman Runs - RageyPoo/Brozime

20:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - DappaDanMan

22:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - SherpaRage

Saturday the 18th

00:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - Francois878/MCIK

02:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - DanieltheDemon

04:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - Kaoiji

06:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - FromThe70s

08:00 EST - PC PVP & Survival - DaBears1337

10:00 EST - PC Conclave - Tactical Fatty

12:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - ToYou/Porongo Gamer

14:00 EST - TennoClock Live - Xenogelion/MDRLoz/AGayGuyPlays

16:00 EST - PS4 Community Livestream - KingKacchi90

18:00 EST - PC Relic Farming - Rundas342/OmegaSylux

20:00 EST - XB1 Raids & PVP - BigJimID

22:00 EST - PS4 Community Livestream - WarframeMadness/RobertGK2017/DEDrew

Sunday the 19th

00:00 EST - PC Tenno Challenges, Dojo Events - Tenno Defton

02:00 EST - PS4 Community Livestream - Reboot_Error_

04:00 EST - PC Early Morning Stream - AGayGuyPlays

06:00 EST - PC Randomizer Loadout ODD Runs - Lunskee

08:00 EST - PC Farming and Helping the Community - TheRoaringLion

10:00 EST - XB1 World Record Run - SlapstickLogic/BigJimID/OLGzulu/DEMegan

14:00 EST - PC World Record Run - DanieltheDemon/prettypoison105/ShulGaming/MrBearGaming

18:00 EST - PC World Record Run - WGrates/Esp4Him/XiaRose/Kaoiji

22:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - DKDiamantes/Quiette Shy

Monday the 20th

00:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - Prettypoison105

02:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - TrainsyTv

04:00 EST - Raids, Raids, Raids! - DarkSlayer313

06:00 EST - XB1 Viewer Challanges - SlapstickLogic

08:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - Wobbzie

10:00 EST - PC Community Stream - Makarimorph

12:00 EST - PC Community Stream - Tygastripe

14:00 EST - PC Lunaro Tournament - Warframe Fan Channels


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