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Building a village in Ark : Survival Evolved for Opération Enfant Soleil


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Hi fellow Extra Lifers!


Opération Rimouski will be streaming this Saturday : our small team of 4 will be building a village and a hospital in Ark : Survival Evolved.


Come and join us as we build housings, utilities and furnitures, all for the benefit of real sick children. Want us to domesticate a T-Rex and name him "Bob"? Well here's your chance! Every contributor who makes a donation of 5 $ or more can join the fun by telling us what he wants us to build or tame in-game. Don't miss this awesome opportunity!


Follow us on Opération Rimouski's Facebook Page or contribute to our campaign!


Michel "Kirjai'Lija" Bouchard

Captain of Opération Rimouski

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We're done for today, but we'll be back soon to build more of the village. Today, we've had to level up, grind and gather resources and we now want to focus on building the village itself.

Thanks to everyone who showed up!

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