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The Best Games Period - Honorable Mention - Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

Jack Gardner



A 2004 release from Project Aces, Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War attempted to bridge the gap between arcade flight sim and wartime drama. The result was an incredibly engaging, beautiful experience that ruminates on the modern incarnation of war. Combining stellar in-game voice acting with tense aerial action set pieces and gorgeously crafted pre-rendered CGI cutscenes, Ace Combat 5 holds up as the best the series has offered to date.


From what little we've seen of Ace Combat 7, they seem to be tapping into the same themes and methods of storytelling that made The Unsung War so fantastic - and that can only be a good thing.  


With schedules being what they are, sometimes coordinating a full episode of The Best Games Period can be difficult. When we can't have a proper discussion, we will be breaking off to do these shorter mini-casts, Honorable Mentions, to talk about fringe games that we might not otherwise be able to talk about on a full episode.



Outro music: Super Smash Bros. Wii U 'Got My Mind on My Money Match' by DarkeSword (


You can download or listen to the podcast over on Soundcloud, our hosting site, and iTunes. A YouTube version is (sometimes) available as well, so you can watch what we are talking about while we talk about it! A Patreon has been created for those looking to support the show. You can also follow the show on Twitter: @BestGamesPeriod

New episodes of The Best Games Period will be released every Monday

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