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The Best Games Period - Episode 60 - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Jack Gardner



Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was born from the vision of filmmaker Josef Fares. Fares, a Lebanese refugee, managed to escape the country's civil war in 1987 and relocate to Sweden with his family. He became a prolific director in the Swedish film world and made Jalla! Jalla!, one of the most popular films in the country. Released by Starbreeze Studios in 2013, Brothers adopted a highly unconventional dual joystick control scheme for its isometric adventure game. It became an instant critical darling, but what did it do right to earn that praise? Perhaps things are different when revisiting the game from a 2017 perspective.


Is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons worthy of the praise it received for its cinematic vision and unique control scheme? Is it one of the best games period?


Each week we will be tackling a video game, old or new, that at least one of us believes deserves to stand as one of the greatest games of all time. We'll dive into its history, development, and gameplay, while trying to argue for or against the game of the week. Sometimes we will be in harmonious agreement, other times we might be fighting a bitter battle to the very end. However each episode shakes out, we hope that everyone who listens will find the show entertaining and informative.



Outro music: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 'Love and Loss' by Sebastien Skaf (


You can download or listen to the podcast over on Soundcloud, our hosting site, and iTunes. A YouTube version is (sometimes) available as well, so you can watch what we are talking about while we talk about it!


If you want to have your opinion heard on air, share your opinion in the comments, follow the show on Twitter, and participate in the weekly polls: @BestGamesPeriod 


New episodes of The Best Games Period will be released every Monday

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Whenever I hear a review like, "I didn't like this thing because it wasn't realistic enough," it makes me think, "You're the reason why Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV was such a terrible movie."


I don't know how you guys can stand reading reviews... Maybe I just have an aversion to it now after subjecting myself to countless Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children reviews (truly soul crushing *shudders*). In my experience reading reviews and user reviews of CGI movies, it's hard to find legitimate criticisms to discuss when the majority don't provide reasons or evidence for why they say the things they say. Everyone can shout their opinion into the abyss of the Internet, but as an outside viewer, I don't know if the reviewer has their opinion about the work because of something that's actually in it or because the reviewer lacks the ability to reflect on their feelings or because of some other reason. Maybe the point of most reviews is to give a quick, "You should/shouldn't play/watch this thing," on the assumption that the viewer has similar tastes to the reviewer rather than to provide a critical analysis, but they are still quite frustrating when you're trying to understand an alternative perspective on a game/movie and all you find is a bunch of empty praise or complaints.

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